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So what is quality code?

So what is your interpretation of good quality code? I’ve been asked this on most technical interviews, to varying levels of grilling. I figured it’d be good to spend some time self-reflecting about how I answer this question, and researching to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. Just to give you a heads up, a lot of this will be heavily opinion based. I’d love to hear other points of view. An important thing to reflect on first, is what does not account for code quality. Code that just ‘looks nice’ is not necessarily quality code. This includes general styling such as, whitespace, member and function naming conventions (underscores or not, camel, snake or pascal casing), brace placement, or anything else that can be resolved with a basic linter. Quality code to me is one that has a solid, well tested foundation such that new features can be built upon it without falling over, or becoming needlessly complex. A good indicator is that you should be able to come back to the cod