Some more notes after watching Brent’s How I Use the First Responder Kit: sp BlitzIndex.

This sproc will analyse every index across all databases in your sql server and return a prioritised list of potential issues.

EXEC sp_blitzIndex @GetAllDatabases = 1

The MoreInfo column is interesting. If you copy the SQL out and run it, it will give you more information on the indexing issue in question. E.g:

EXEC dbo.sp_BlitzIndex @DatabaseName='YourDatabase', @SchemaName='dbo', @TableName='tFoo';

If you run this, the top result set it a list of indexes that are on the target table. It shows how many seeks and scans each index has had, the size of the index, etc. Note the URL column for more information on each issue category.

Missing indexes are shown in the 2nd result set.

The 3rd result set shows the table definition, which is nice to have without having to mess with the SSMS UI.

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