Some more notes after watching Brent’s How I Use the First Responder Kit: sp BlitzCache.

This one shows you the most resource-intensive queries on SQL Server without running a profiler trace. Sounds pretty neat!

EXEC sp_blitzCache @SortOrder = 'CPU', @Top = 10

This outputs the execution plans of the 10 most expensive queries in the query plan cache. By default this is sorted by CPU, but can commonly be set to reads, writes or duration. There are a bunch of other options, which you can see if you add the @Help = 1 parameter.

The Warnings column will give you hints as to what the problem might be, for example missing indexes.

These warnings are prioritised in the second result set. For example my top warning was:

Execution Plans
Forced Serialization
Something in your plan is forcing a serial query. Further investigation is needed if this is not by design. 

If like me, you still have a way to go on learning about these, you’ll see that there is a brentozar link to learn more about each of these warnings.

There’s a bunch more data returned if you include the @ExpertMode = 1 parameter, but as per the name, it doesn’t seem overly necessary most of the time.

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