Fun Retros - Crazy 8 + Impact Effort Map

This 60 minute session is designed to find problems that we might not collectively be aware of, gather ideas on how to solve them, prioritise those ideas, and ensure that they are enacted.

[10 minutes] on the jamboard, ask the group to write post-its of problems that need to be solved. These post-its should follow the sentence structure how might we… e.g. How might we get customers to contact us when they have an issue with our product?, or How might we migrate more of our customers from our old system to the new one

[4 minutes] ask them to dot vote the post-its with 2 or 3 votes each. Choose the top voted How might we.. question, or if there is no clear winner, ask the group to collectively choose one.

[10 minutes] Crazy eight: ask the group to write one post-it every minute for 8 minutes with ideas on how to solve the chosen problem. Start a timer, and when each minute passes ask the group to move on to their next idea.

[10 minutes] ask each participant to talk through their ideas. Group similar themed ideas that are already on the board.

[2 minutes] draw a priority map with the axes low to high effort, and low to high impact. This is the impact effort map.

[10 minutes] ask the group to arrange the post-its into the 4 quadrants. This will allow us to prioritise the ideas without discarding any.

[5 minutes] discuss the items in the high-impact, low-effort quadrant.

[5 minutes] Draw out the who, what, when table, which will allow the group to commit to a given set of actions and agree when those actions should be completed by.

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