Fun Retros - Liberating Structures - Min Specs

Specify Only the Absolute “Must dos” and “Must not dos” for Achieving a Purpose (35-50 min.)

[10 mins] On the jamboard, put everything that you strive to do on a yellow post-it. And everything you try to avoid doing (bad practices, or processes) in orange.

  • xp practices
  • agile practises
  • coding practises
  • whatever you can think of

[10 mins] Now imagine you’re a consultant, going into a business and trying to encourage the adoption of these practices. Your time is finite, so between yourselves choose 5 do, and 5 do-not cards that you absolute can not do without.

[5 mins] All of these tickets should be important to you. So instead of dot-voting, you have $100 budget. Allocate your $100 among the tickets.

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